Introduction to Mathematical Interpretations

Allow me to wax poetic for a little bit. Mathematics is like poetry: it is the art of conveying an idea in as efficient and concise a manner as possible. A beautiful equation can convey mountains of ideas in a single line, and to read and understand all of those ideas can take a few seconds or it can take a lifetime.

The purpose of this blog will be to unravel some of the mathematical statements I have come across, and interpret them in a way that I hope will be enlightening and enjoyable to others. The math I tend to enjoy generally comes from the fields of analysis, statistics and applied mathematics (some ideas I have for initial equations I would like to dive into include Bayes’ Theorem, Fisher Information, and the Kelly Criterion).

One final note: Unlike a poem we don’t think of mathematics as aesthetically pleasing. I hope that by writing my ideas behind equations I can demonstrate, just like with a haiku, how beautiful a small little statement can be.

-Mason McElroy

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