Choosing a Game Theme

Long ago I listened to Scott Adams talk about the failure of the Dilbert animated series. People who loved the comic strip wouldn’t watch the cartoon. They hated the sound of Dilbert’s voice. This added detail turned people off.

Now think about why Dilbert might be successful. It’s not because of the details. We don’t know Dilbert’s last name, where he lives, what his job is, or what his company does. His boss’ name is just The Boss.

Now consider the most successful casino games on the market and look at their themes. There’s usually not much to it:

  • Generic Chinese theme
  • Generic Egyptian theme
  • Generic Greek theme
  • Jewels
  • Strong animal
  • Sexy lady
  • etc…

Not much more to it than that.

I would argue the more details you add when it comes to casino games, the more chances you have to turn off the player.

Now consider a game like Crash. You watch a line and a number go up, then you decide to cash out. That’s it. Do you think the game would be as successful if it was themed around hang gliding? Or scuba diving? Or javelin tossing?

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