I offer various math-related services to the casino game manufacturing industry:

Math Model Development

I will take a pre-existing game design and create a math model which supports that design. This includes:

  • An initial meeting to assess the feasibility of the game, discuss it with the designers, and set expectations on what will be delivered.
  • A fully realized math model for the game which can be modified by the designers. This can be delivered as a spreadsheet (if feasible), simulation, or both.
  • Specific RTP and volatility settings for the requested math model.
  • Provide design and math feedback to the production team.
  • Support for any math model changes that the designer may request.

Math Modification

I will look at all the relevant documentation, such as PAR sheets and game design documents, and adjust the math model according to the required specifications. Additionally, I can provide documentation to the designers and developers on how the model should be implemented.

Math Verification

I will independently verify a math model for specific game and carefully work with your game designer or mathematician to discover what–if anything–is wrong with the existing calculations.

Math Training

I can train your organization’s mathematicians, designers and developers to perform slot game analysis and simulation. I will also provide the tools that I use to perform slot game analysis.

Additional Services

Please inquire about any additional math related services I may be able to provide.